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I am a charismatic young woman, living life on a whimsical note. I’m always after exhilarating and spontaneous experiences… wine tastings, discovering local retreats in unique cities, hiking nature trails, and exploring the arts. I enjoy being a companion for select gentlemen who become filled with excitement at the thought of taking on these electrifying experiences with me. Being magnetically sensual, and curiously astute, I am the companion who you will want to see over and over again—not simply for the erotically charged moments that will sweep over us, but also for the intelligent conversations over candle lit dinners and the consistent smile on your face each time we part ways.

An exciting and breathtaking experience that will resound in your memory until our next engagement. I am quite candid and playful with a lighthearted wit and uncanny talent for melting barriers almost immediately. Our date will flow with laughter, flirtation and seduction. My heart is soft, my actions thoughtful and my body responsive. Being an emotionally consistent person, there are no surprises, no drama: I excel in relationships with pre-determined boundaries. I truly value and appreciate my patrons, and I offer much more than a series of acronyms.

If a list of services is important to you when choosing a companion, I am not the right lady for you. I highly recommend our first meeting be over lunch or dinner, especially if this is your first time visiting a companion. Nothing better to break the ice than sharing laughter, teasing and a delicious meal, before enjoying a more private dessert. While I always share a fond affection for my patrons, please do not ask me to meet you for any time without compensation, no matter how long we have known each other. This includes, "just a coffee" or "just lunch."

Elite escort Charlotte Mae

When was the last time you went on a date with an UK escort? If it was back when Brexit was just a small, back page story, it is time to get back into the game and spend some quality time with a British girl.

Your best chance of a successful comeback in the world of professional dating is to splurge your savings on a hot, sensual ladylike Charlotte Mae. She is a top-shelf model, experienced in providing elite services and always available for generous gentlemen. Here are a few tips to help you track down a stunning beauty like her:

Charlotte’s website

Since everyone is available in a way or another on the internet today, it is only natural that the first place to look for Charlotte Mae is online. Fortunately, she has her website complete with contact details and a service list. Contrary to other escorts, Charlotte is an expert at satisfying her clients in numerous ways. Her lengthy experience and her attention to the customer’s needs place her among the most sought after elite models in the business.

Mae’s favorite hobbies

Before contacting Charlotte, you should browse around the different sections of her website. This strategy will give you an idea of what she likes best and if you can satisfy her needs. Read about her favorite hobbies and surprise her with a gift that is closely related to her preferred pastimes. Escorts admire a man who takes the time to figure them out and discover their interests. With such a bold move you will surely win her over and become one of her most valued customers.

Which are the best escorts?

Some guys believe that there is no discernable difference between elite models and regular companions. These are the men who have never dated a proper UK escort. Unfortunately for them, they have never tasted the unique experiences that you can live in the company of a high-quality call girl from EROS. Your best chance of distancing yourself from this class of inexperienced males is to date a top-shelf model like Charlotte Mae.

Why elite companions are better

Your current savings could buy you two boring dates with a regular companion or a good solid date with an elite model. In the world of escorts, quantity never exceeds quality. The more you pay the most likely you are to meet a hot, beautiful girl like Charlotte Mae who will give you the best time of your life. Top-shelf models know how to satisfy a man. They are assertive, confident and open to new adventures. On the other hand, regular call girls will only date you for the money, and they will prove their rigidness when you need it less.

Now way back from Charlotte Mae

After dating a breathtaking beauty like Charlotte Mae, you will never want to go back to regular companions. An adventure with an elite UK escort like her will always have you coming back for more. Before you know it, you will be spending more money on such memorable experiences than on anything else that currently defines your lifestyle.